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Why Medicus


With decades of experience as financial advisers focusing on medical professionals and backgrounds ranging from a Marine Corp veteran to professors with doctorates in business; our team at XXI MEDICUS has the vast knowledge, resources, history of success, and drive to serve medical professionals at the highest levels. Despite our industry leading levels of professional and academic excellence, we are committed to continuing our personal and professional growth to further our mission for many years to come.


Fast forwarding into the future, we will continue to stay true to our core principles of keeping medicine between the provider and the patient by implementing our unique process.  In our XXIMedicus process we work to remove biases, support medical professionals, create effectiveness, and boost efficiency while not increasing risk.  We do this using sound economic principles, quality financial products and services, and sophisticated financial modeling software but the key behind it is our heart to see medical professionals flourish.


As advocates, we know that many times we are the voice of the voiceless.  Incumbent with that responsibility, we know that what we do can, and many times will, echo for generations to come.  This impact will likely be felt by families and business associates alike.  We are convinced that our XXIMedicus Process is verifiably better than alternatives that we provide our consultations without any fee to the medical professionals. We are so passionate about what we do that we would like to see you enact the strategies we create together… even if it’s not with us because we know it will measurably improve your financial well being.


At XXIMEDICUS ethics, morality, honesty, reliability, and truth are the basis for who and what we are.  Bringing this sense of honor to the medical community is a duty and privilege of which we are keenly aware.  Additionally, it drives home the obligation we have to your family, colleagues, patients, and ultimately to you.  We have been around a long time because of our integrity and you can trust that we will be here for years to come.

Commitment to Excellence

Experience. Process. Advocacy. Integrity.  Combined these make XXIMEDICUS not only the advisers you want but also the strategic partners you need. Our number one priority is increasing your success, impact, influence, and personal growth… everything we do is about and for you.

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