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Chuck McDowell

Chuck McDowell

Sr VP Marketing

Chuck has helped clients make sound financial decisions for more than 30 years. He
graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Auburn University. Chuck has focused his
professional studies on The LEAP System. He has been LEAP licensed for 28 years and a
National Trainer for LEAP for 25 years.

Chuck is also the creator of The Purpose to Reality Process™ and The Financial
Intelligence Experience™. These programs help members focus on the crucial areas in
their life, providing real clarity. It is useful in determining if what someone has is getting
them what they want. The program helps members experience greater financial success, increased
confidence, and realized dreams. It is specifically designed to support achieving these results with
no additional outlay and no new risks.

Chuck founded Piedmont Strategic Group, an intellectual capital company, in 1980. He
currently serves as a Vice President for 21st Century Financial, in Atlanta.