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You’ve Earned It. Make Your Money Work Hard for You.

We want to make sure we don't run out of money. We are retirees moving towards what everyone has said was the goal, not working anymore. We are excited and anxious, what if we get bored or another 2008 happens? We just want to know that we have done everything we can to make ourselves as safe and comfortable as possible.

We are looking at our retirement plan and want to make sure that we are on track, that we won’t run out of money, that we will be able to invest in our children and grandchildren, and that we won’t be a burden but will be a blessing. We have worked hard and saved for many years, we want to make the switch from working for money to money working for us. We are not sure what the future holds for social security or our health. As a result, we want to enjoy more time for each other, our family, and our hobbies while we can.

The last thing we want to spend our retirement doing is constantly watching our accounts on our own. It is a full time job and defeats the purpose of retirement. So, we want a trusted financial professional that can help us with that and that will give us advice based on our own best interest.

Retirement Strategies

  • Analysis of when to retire and how long your assets will provide the income for the lifestyle you desire
  • Alternatives to the employer-sponsored plan

Estate Planning**

  • Eliminating or reducing the government's "inheritance" from your estate
  • Helping protect assets and income from a nursing home stay
  • Helping protect against a forced liquidation of investments and personal property

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