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What is your most valuable asset?  For most of us it is our ability to generate a paycheck.  A Physician or other medical professional will earn millions of dollars during their working career, and this income provides for our lifestyle.  You should pay very close attention to your personal Disability Income Insurance CONTRACT.  If you suffer an injury or prolonged illness, and need to use this important Insurance, your claim will be governed by this contract.

Your Personal Disability plan should be periodically reviewed and purchased from an expert that understands how to tailor a program for your specific needs.  Your income is a multi-million dollar asset.   If you owned a two, five or fifteen million dollar Home, would you leave it under or not insured?  This could be the most important Insurance contract you own!

So what do you look for in high quality Personal Disability Income Insurance? Most Physicians and other medical professionals want a contract that provides a definition of disability specific to their specialty in the practice of medicine.  But there are other very important contract features that need to be considered.  What is the definition of Residual Disability, do I need Recovery Benefits, do I receive a cost of living raise if totally disabled, can the price of my Insurance increase, or the coverage canceled during my working career?

There are many options for us to design the best and most affordable Personal Disability Income program for you.  We act as your Advocate if you need to use this important Insurance.  When a disability strikes are you prepared?  How will you continue paying your mortgage, auto, and other monthly expenses?  Does your retirement contribution stop?  Could you pay any student loans?  We have options to pay your loans, retirement plans, and other expenses in the event of a disabling injury or illness.  Call/contact us for a review today. 

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