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Active Duty Military/ Veterans

Our Advisers- Proud to Have Served our County and Now to Serve You

Many 21st Century Financial Advisers are veterans and military family members. They have walked in your shoes and have a deep understanding of life in the military. They are skilled in teaching you specific financial strategies to support all stages of your military career.

Whether you are a young recruit or a senior officer, we are committed to being there for you. We are adept at helping young clients understand how to establish a savings plan to help them reach the goal of financial security. Whether our clients are newlyweds looking to purchase their first home, saving for kids’ college or planning for retirement, we are there.

We offer a variety of financial programs designed to help military families with their specific challenges. We are proud to note that we welcome all clients including those who have not yet had the opportunity to build their assets. We serve as your financial coach and commit to teaching you how to prepare for each phase of your life.

The Dream Towards Financial Security

We all dream of a day when we have the option to do whatever we want and enjoy time relaxing, traveling or perhaps, even starting our own business as a second act. When you work with our Advisers you create a strategy that helps you create the lifestyle you want in retirement. Your advisor will explain tax-advantaged investment options to you and help you build a plan to maximize your military retirement benefits. We will meet with you regularly, track your progress and make course corrections as necessary.

Navigating Changes

We understand the importance of remaining current about changes affecting military families such as new developments in the military retirement system. Changes in the military Blended Retirement System are complex and may incur more risk that former systems. Accordingly, we are ready to equip military families with current information to make informed financial decisions.

Penn Mutual's Commitment to Veterans

The transition from the military to civilian life can be challenging. But veterans and active-duty servicemen and women have an intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, sense of purpose, and capacity for collaboration and teamwork that make them assets in any industry. And we know from experience that they are uniquely equipped to be leaders in financial services.

That's why, in partnership with The American College, Penn Mutual sponsored the The American College Center for Veterans Affairs — an organization that provides educational support and career opportunities for men and women who have honorably served in the Armed Forces. Since its founding, both Penn Mutual and The American College have provided over 450 full scholarships to veterans and their spouses, and created a $5 million fund for the service members of today to return home to opportunity. 

Connecting leaders with opportunity

As of 2017, there were more than 370,000 unemployed veterans in the United States. Many men and women return home with a distinguished record of leadership, sacrifice, and service, but without the necessary education or training to find employment in a rewarding field like financial services. The American College Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs was created in 2012 to narrow this skill gap, and provide scholarships for education in financial services to service members and their spouses. In partnership with The American College, we've since provided over $2.5 million in scholarship funds to these heroes, and helped create a new generation of leaders in life insurance

Building Your Solid Financial Plan

At 21st Century Financial, we teach you proven financial principles to help you reduce debt, build assets and pursue financial security from the beginning of your military career, through retirement.


We’ll show you how to take a successful approach to saving —a key step towards financial security.


Our insurance strategies focus on protecting your assets and your loved ones from the financial risks associated with unexpected events.


We offer investments especially suited for military families, and welcome clients who are just starting to build personal wealth. It's never too early to begin to develop a solid lifelong financial strategy.

Your Customized Financial Plan

The development and delivery of a solid financial plan is the beginning of a partnership between you and your financial adviser and coach. You can expect the following:


We’ll identify what’s important to you — and translate this into your key financial goals.

Holistic Planning

We’ll recommend specific investments, insurance, and key strategies to address your needs.


We’ll ensure all aspects of your financial plan are balanced and take into account your military benefits.


We’ll meet with you and review your plan regularly to make necessary adjustments as everyone has unexpected life changes.

Common Financial Planning Questions

What can a Financial Advisor do for me?

How do Financial Advisors get paid, and how much will this cost me?

Why should I consult with a Financial Advisor, when I can use a financial planning app instead?

Find out the answers to these questions and more by contacting a 21st Century Financial Adviser using the box below.  

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Explore Career Opportunities with 21st Century Financial

Join Our Team
Veterans Are Uniquely Qualified for Success

You may not realize it, but veterans are uniquely qualified for a career in our industry. You come from a culture of service and determination, and you understand the value of teamwork. There’s a real need today for individuals with your background, integrity, and strong values to work with individuals, families and businesses — helping them achieve important financial milestones and fully realize all life’s possibilities. Join us today and make a positive impact on tomorrow, by helping people achieve the financial security they need to fulfill their future dreams and goals.

A message from Ted Digges

CAPT, SC, USN (Ret), Executive Director of the Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs:

“Veterans are uniquely qualified for a career in the industry because they come from a culture of service and “can do.” With the increasing complexity of tax, estate, insurance, retirement, and college planning, there is a real need for individuals of integrity to help others address life’s major milestones with confidence and success.”

Personal Growth

Flexibility & Work Life Balance

A career with Penn Mutual and 21st Century Financial allows you the freedom to schedule your work around your life, not life around your work.

Growth & Independence

Control your own destiny by having the opportunities to grow your business as you work with targeted markets, advance your industry knowledge, and benefit from a supportive team environment.


Make a meaningful difference by helping your clients do more in life, delivering solutions tailored to protect what matters most to them.

Professional Growth

Stability & Security

We have a long history of financial strength and stability, which you can pass along to your clients through our wide range of products and solutions.

Benefits & Recognition

We offer excellent benefit packages and retirement plan options. In addition, we're pleased to recognize and reward top performance.

Professional Development

Receive continuous education and training, and benefit from ongoing study groups, industry conferences and organizations.

Penn Mutual and 21st Century Financial Offer:

a supportive, inclusive culture that focuses on integrity and core values. We invite you to reach out to us and learn more!

Bringing service to life

Military service is a powerful preparation for life, and a career in life insurance. We believe the men and women who have honorably served possess a unique degree of accountability, discipline, teamwork, and integrity — characteristics that make them ideal fits in our industry. It's a belief we invest in. Even after their graduation, the center connects scholarship recipients with industry mentors and job placement resources to support their growth.

Veterans have made rich contributions to our profession. Some have moved into leadership positions in organizations like ours. Others have developed thriving practices that benefit their clients and their families, through their dedication, persistence, and loyalty.

Our Partner Penn Mutual Supporting Military And Their Families 

A Trusted Partner

The American College is an institution with a narrow focus, but a broad impact. The nonprofit was founded in 1927, and has since helped over 200,000 men and women accelerate their careers, and earned recognition as a national leader in financial services education. One in five financial advisers in the United States is an alumnus of the school. We're proud to work with The American College to bring this mission to life.

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A Powerful Mission

Since 2016, we have supported the Travis Manion Foundation. The organization was created by the friends and family of Marine Lieutenant Travis Manion, who was killed while saving his wounded teammates in Iraq.

The foundation works to empower veterans and the families of fallen heroes, and encourage the development of character in future generations. It's an honor to collaborate with this group to strengthen our communities. In the powerful words of Travis, “If not me, then who?”

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Honoring service and sacrifice

Penn Mutual is a proud supporter of the 9/11 Heroes Run. Each year, on or near September 11, local volunteers organize 9/11 Heroes Runs in more than 50 cities around the world to support the Travis Manion Foundation. It's a unique opportunity for runners, and walkers, of all ages and ability levels to support a meaningful cause.

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